Saturday, January 23, 2010

Use the above link to order the above issue of Future Funk, the 'zine for the Black Age and the indie movement.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Future Funk is the hot creator-centric 'zine for the indie Black Age Movement from ONLI STUDIOS. It features articles written, edited, and designed by the artists, writers, and designers that are bringing the funk, fire, flow, and fun to da fans!!!!

Currently ONLI STUDIOS publishes and distributes selected graphic novels, 'zines, and comic books through .
"Let's Go Green In DA CIty!!! is a humorous info-ride that helps the reader of any age to learn about fun and exciting ways to bring the Green movement to the city. Defeating global warming one city at a time. Onli was one of over one hundred and thirty artists who have created a touring exhibition of "Cool Globes" on this timely topic.

The book features Onli's upbeat Button-Head characters and resources for fun and support in going Green in your city.. Onli's globe as featured in the New York Times while the Cool Globes were touring the West Coast.